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Sig7 490g 7 Days Variety

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Signature 7 Canned Wet Food for cats is 100% complete and balanced approved by AAFCO, with no artificial ingredients, no pork or lard, grain-free and suitable for all life stages. Every can is packed full of real meat, with a different supplement ingredient everyday for a healthy and nutritious food that boosts our cat's health.

100% complete and balanced diet for your cat's nutritional needs Quality meeting Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards A weekly serving guide to introduce variety Mackerel + Pumpkin: Tuna oil for healthy skin and coat Sardine + Shrimp: Pea fiber and Flaxseed for weight management Mackerel + Carrot: Glucosamine for healthy bones and coat Whitemeat Tuna + Pumpkin: Cranberry juice for healthy urinary tract Mackerel + Shrimp: Prebiotic for digestion and gut health Sardine + Pumpkin: Yucca and green tea extract for anti aging Whitemeat tuna + Carrot: Fructooligosaccharide for hairball control Daily different supplements to maintain cat's well-being #1 real meat that your cat deserves High protein for your cat's growth and development Tasty meal in broth to maintain hydration