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Shoshuriki Air Freshener 400ml Fruity Garden

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Deodorant, long-lasting fragrance! Contains nano-powder to quickly and powerfully deodorize the space. The scent spreads well in the deodorized space. Clean design by peeling off the label film. You can also leave the bottom film design as you like. You can adjust the strength of the scent and effect. The scent and effects usually last for about 2-3 months. (Varies depending on usage conditions.)

How Top Use :

Do not remove the white "filter paper" in the upper lid.

(1) Turn the whole upper lid and remove it.

 (2) Remove and discard the inner cap only.

 (3) Set the upper lid as it was.

[When you want to improve the effect] Pull up the adjustment part.

(It can be adjusted by raising and lowering.) *The period of use will be shorter than usual.

Component : [Raw materials/ingredients] Plant extract deodorant, fragrance, disinfectant, ethanol