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Nature's Protection Lifestyle GF 1.5kg Salmon Sterilised

RM 62.00

Clinoptilolite, a natural mineral that is dynamically micronised, actively stimulates intestinal microflora and nutrient absorption. It can help remove toxins from the body and strengthen the immune system due to its unique microstructure. Irreplaceable fatty acids are especially beneficial in strengthening the immune system, maintaining the smooth function of the brain, heart, and vascular system, and alleviating inflammation processes. Less colourants and an improved formula with L-carnitine and vegetable fibre to maintain optimal weight for effective and safe weight loss. A lower magnesium intake can help prevent the formation of urolithiasis crystals in the bladder in a completely natural way.


Product features 

  • Antarctic krill, a unique and 100% sustainable source of Omega-3, serves your pet's body with scientifically proven benefits.
  • Furthermore, choline, a natural component of krill, is essential for maintaining proper brain development processes and is 12 times more active than added choline.
  • Wheat-free formula. 
  •  Natural antioxidants - vitamin E and rosemary extract can help to protect cells against the negative impact of free radicals in a completely natural way, lowering the risk of wheat gluten allergy.

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    • 1 year and older