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Molly Adult Shrimp & Salmon Shiny Hair

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Note: 1kg is a repack

Gentle reminder:

If you wish to order more than 1 bag of 18kg, please separate your order for the safety of your parcel. And please do not add any other product with this order to prevent difficulty on packing and damages during delivery.

Molly Adult Cat Food has been formulated by professional nutritionists to fully meet your cat's daily nutritional needs and is manufactured using advanced extruder technology, allowing our friends to benefit fully from its high quality content. It has a special content that is rich in vitamins and amino acids, as well as a balanced ratio of Omega-6:Omega-3 fatty acids, to support your cat's healthy skin structure and the formation of shiny hair.


  • Healthy and shiny feathers


  • Gentle and easy to digest


  • Support for the immune system

    EPA & DHA OMEGA 3-6

  • Balanced omega 3 & 6 support


  • Urinary support


Nutritionists created MOLLY specifically for cats with digestive and allergy issues. Its low molecular level hydrolyzed protein reduces food intolerance and contributes to your cat's healthier skin and digestive system.


Molly products promote a healthy and ideal metabolism in your cat with their low-grain formula, while also supporting natural immunity with their unique herbal content.

INGREDIENTS: Dehydrated Salmon Protein (28%), Dehydrated Chicken Protein, Baldo Rice (12%), Corn (10%), Shrimp Meal (8%), Refined Chicken Oil, Anchovy Meal, Brewer's Yeast, Salmon Oil, Nucleotide Yeast Protein , Minerals, Prebiotic Mannan Oligo Saccharides, Seaweed (0.04%), Yucca Extract (0.04%), Cranberry Powder (0.04%), Psyllium (0.04%). 

Analytical Composition
 Protein % 34
 Fat Content % 16
 Crude Ash % 8
 Crude Fibre % 2.8
 Omega-6 % 3.6
 Omega-3 % 0.65