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Nurture Pro

[SALE!] Litter Tofu Nurture Pro 7L

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When it comes to cat litter, pet parents around the globe seek for the same qualities that fulfils their cats’ and their own needs. nurturepro™ Tofu Cat Litter is primarily made up of natural tofu and 100% biodegradable and flushable materials. With superb odor control, the scent of natural tofu will leave cats and homes smelling fresh all day, every day. Since our nurturepro™ Tofu Cat Litter contains no synthetic additives, silica dust, artificial chemicals, fragrances and perfumes, pet parents can rest assured that their felines and themselves will be free of dusty homes and respiratory problems.

Superior Grade with Sponge-like Absorbency
Superior-grade, 100% biodegradable tofu cat litter in a natural aroma that leaves your home smelling of botanical freshness all day, every day. This eco-friendly product is 99% dust free, leaves no tracking marks and is gentle on your kitty’s paw


Tofu, Corn Starch