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Litter Tofu 7L/2.8kg Sumo

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99% Dust Free

Sumo Cat Tofu Cat Litter is natural and produced using human grade tofu. It is eco-friendly, non toxic & no chemical added, therefore safe to both pets and pets’ owners.
Sumo Cat Tofu Cat Litter is suitable for all life stages of cat. It is light & soft, which is not hurting to the paws of cat. It leaves no tracking marks. It is flushable and biodegradable that can be served as fertiliser, easy to dispose!
Sumo Cat Tofu Cat Litter has superb odour control because of the fast absorption and clumping speed.

Directions for Use :
Fill the litter tray to a height of 3 cm with Sumo Cat Tofu cat litter.

Depending on your cat’s habits, remove the clumps or solid waste from the tray with a scoop everyday or every alternative day. After the removing of the clumps and the solid waste from the tray, the remaining cat litter stays clean and fresh. Refill the tray to maintain the height of at least 3cm of litter.