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Litter Fofos Crushed Tofu

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  • THE GOLDEN RATIO: 70% Tofu cat sand and 30% Bentonite cat sand results in stronger clumping, higher absorption and effortless scooping which leads to less frequent refills. The tofu pellets are 1.5 MM in size which has a much larger surface area for maximum absorption.
  • FLUSHABLE: This cat litter sand provides effortless sifting due to maximum absorption rendering the affected area and only the affected area to solidify. The biodegradable design is easily flushable and has the least impact on the environment as opposed to usage of bentonite or silica based cat litter sand.
  • HIGH ODOUR CONTROL: The pellets in this litter sand for cats is efficient at locking in any liquids and scents keeping the litter box pleasant for multiple potty usages. The Natural Scent has high odour removal & retention factors.
  • FOR THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE: Fill Cat litter box with FOFOS Tofu x Bentonite cat litter, ensure litter height is at least 7cm tall. In case your litter box is larger than usual, 2 bags will need to be required for the first time only, this will result in faster clumping and lesser odors. Scoop the poop at least once a day.
  • LOW TRACKING & DUST: The litter pellets in this cat potty sand are soft & smaller in size which cease to get caught in the webbing of your cat or kitten’s paws and are also 99% dust free.