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Gimcat Kitten Paste 50g

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GimCat Kitten Paste was created especially for the needs of younger cats (aged over 6 weeks). 

The unique healthy growth formula contains:

• Optimum calcium/phosphor ratio to encourage growth and strong bones 

• 12 vitamins, trace elements and minerals for a strong immune system

• Linseed oil and fish oil for healthy cell protection

• Taurine for strengthening the eyesight and heart function 

• Egg yolk to cover the essential arachidonic acid requirement 

Feeding instructions As of the sixth week, as soon as solid food is being given, 6 cm (1 cm line of paste = approx. 0.5 g) every day straight from the tube or mixed in with feed. Feed at room temperature. 

Product composition Derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats (fish oil 4%, linseed oil 4%), meat and animal derivatives, yeasts, eggs and egg products (egg yolk powder 3%), fish and fish derivatives, algae. 

Nutritional values

Protein    7.0 % 

Fat content    35.5 %

Crude ash    10.5 %

Crude fiber    2.0 % 

Moisture    12.0 %