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Ciao Chu-Ru 4pcs

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CIAO CHURU is the showstopper of all our cat treats. Packed in a slim mylar tube, CIAO CHURU, filled with 100% human-grade ingredients and nutrients, is the perfect treat to bond with your cats, allowing you to gain their trust and to enjoy each other’s company. The silky texture and irresistible taste of our fresh chicken and tuna fish will make your feline excited about play time. With no pork and no lard, these snacks are also perfect as a topper for your cat’s favourite dry food. CIAO CHURU is offered in purees or stick form with unmatched varieties of flavour as well as many different pack sizes. Your lovely cats will be spoilt for choices! 


No preservatives or artificial colours 

Savoury flavor cats love

Help keep your cats hydrated

High in nutrients, low in calories 

Promote healthy interaction with cats

Made from 100% human grade ingredient

Product Size
Comes in 4 x 14g sachets