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Catwalk 80g

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Why Catwalk?

At Catwalk we know that cats come from all walks of life. Each with unique stories, personalities, tastes and cravings.Nutrition is an important part of everyone’s health, including cats’.  Catwalk cat food varieties are complete and balanced for cats to help them live well.  Tuna provides an excellent source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA), which may help maintain your feline’s healthy coat and skin

  • Catwalk is inspired by the bold personalities of the cats we know and love, and is made with wholesome nutrition, healthy ingredients, and just a sprinkle of Cattitude. 
  • Nutrition - Crude Protein : 10% (min) - Crude Fat : 1.5% (max) - Crude Fiber : 1.0% (max) - Moisture : 86% (max) - Ash : 4.0 % (max) - Calcium : 0.15% (min) - Taurine : .05% (min)

Catwalk is a tasty recipe that will take your felines taste buds on an exciting adventure!