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Catty Cat 1kg

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1. Catty Cat Kitten Chicken

Complete & Balanced Dry Cat Food For Kittens of All Breeds Up to 12 Months of Age Catty Kitten is prepared for all breeds. It’s formulated to support healthy development and strengthening of the immune system of up to 12 month age weaned kitten with a sensitive digestive system.

2. Catty Cat Adult Chicken

Complete & Balanced Dry Adult Cat Food For All Breeds Catty Adult Chicken is formulated for adult cats of all breeds and formulated by Cat and Dog Nutritionists without sacrificing quality and taste. Catty ensures that your cat lives a balanced, healthy and fit life by meeting all their nutritional needs.

3. Catty Cat Adult Lamb & Rice

Complete & Balanced Dry Adult Cat Food For All Breeds Catty Adult Lamb & Rice is formulated for adult cats to provide good body condition and exceed all nutritional requirements. At the same time, the ratio of Taurine, an essential nutrient, has been increased to ensure healthy nervous system development

  • Enriched with Vitamin
  • Enriched with omega 3 & 6
  • Enriched with Taurine


  • Seaweed : It is a natural prebiotic that supports the formation of healthy bacteria in digestive system. 
  • Psyllium : Psyllium is the seed husk from the plantago plant , and is a concentrated source of soluble fibre. It regulates digestion and provides a controlled release of energy. 
  • Yucca extract : It is a plant extract rich in saponins which bind ammonia and digestive by products to reduce the odour of faces.
  • Cranberry powder: It is helps to reduce kidney and liver damage and promotes fertility and longevity.