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Cat Litter Health Indicator 200g

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  • Health Indicator can be used with ALL* sorts cat litter.
  • The additive reacts with the urine of the cat and will result into a color change of the litter on the spot where the cat urinated.
After completing the test stir the HEALTH INDICATOR® into the regular litter where it will help eliminate odors.

How do I use the Cat Litter Health Indicator?
  • Begin with a clean litter box.
  • Using disposable gloves scrub the box with a mild detergent and thoroughly rinse and dry. Avoid using ammonia or other strong cleaners as the residual smell can deter litter box use
  • Fill the litter box with the cat’s normal litter.
  • Spread the Health Indicator evenly across the top of the litter.
  • Watch your cat for litter box visits.
  • Shortly after the cat leaves the litter box check the urination spot for color changes.
  • Compare the color at the urination spot with the colors on the card enclosed in each Health Indicator bag.
  • If the color compares with a color that indicates a high pH (blue or green) or a low pH (red or orange) then contact your cat’s veterinarian for advice.
  • If the color indicates normal pH (light gold to light olive) stir the Health Indicator into the regular litter where it can help with odor control for up to a month.
Once Health Indicator has given a reading, can it be reused?
  • No, it will not give an accurate reading. Health Indicator is designed as a single use product – once per month you check your cat for proper urine pH. When the cat urinates on the Health Indicator the color is apparent for an hour or so and then fades. To get the most accurate reading it is important to check the urine spot within 5 minutes of the cat leaving the litter box.
Important Notices:
  • Health Indicator cannot detect every urinary abnormality, only your cat’s veterinarian can undertake such a diagnosis. - Health Indicator is NOT for “at home diagnosis” and should NEVER be used as a substitute for veterinary care! If you feel your cat is having health or urinary problems contact your veterinarian even if the Health Indicator has not shown colors in the low or high pH ranges.