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Bioion Pet Pounce Spray 500ml

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Bioion Pets Pounce Pets Germ-Free Sanitizer is a purified water content, 100% plants extract ionization & biotechnological formulation researched & developed from Japan. Bioion Pets Pounce Pets Germ-Free Sanitizer with its natural properties is effective and Eco-safe for most usage.

Bioion Pets Pounce Pets Germ-Free Sanitizer is water-based with sanitizing power that eliminates odour and kills 99.9% of bacteria commonly found airborne and on any surfaces where your pets wander. It is an effective cleansing agent providing both a longer-lasting effect and healthier air.

Bioion is ideal for:
  • sanitization of sofas, furnitures, curtains and floors
  • cat resting ereas, beds and matts
  • sanitization of kennels
  • for dirts on paws, soles and floors
  • pets cleanliness: ears, fur, body and can spray directly on cat
  • car interior and exterior sanitization
  • suitable for all pets