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Bexton Gutmotil Capsule 60s

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Category: Anti-Diarrhoeal and Gut function Stabilizer Classification: HERBAL THERAPY
Features :

  • To normalize digestive functions. 
  • Limit the Colonizations of bad bacteria in the gut.
  • To maintain good bowel function and digestion and to promote normal stool consistency in pets. 


  • Helps to limit the colonization of “bad” bacteria in the gut.
  • Facilitates to normalise the rate of peristalsis. 
  • Assists to limit the interaction of bacterial toxins with the enterocyte receptor sites. 
  • Does not destroy beneficial gastro-intestinal microflora. 

Product Benefits:

  • Slow down intestinal movements and prevents the loss of fluids and electroyes and stabilizes gut function. 
  • Inhibits colonization of pathogenic microflora in gut, optimizes gut immunity and prevent fluids secretion and accumulation. 
  • Facilitate higher bioavailability and action of anti-infectives in infectious diarrhoea. 

Recommended dose:

  • Pups, Small dogs, Kittens, Cats: 1 capsule
  • Dogs & Bitches: 2 capsules