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Bexton Bronsyp 100ml

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Respiratory Anti-Allergic, Broncho-Dilator And Expectorant. Suitable For Cats And Dogs Who Have

 • Breathing Problems Because Of Allergies Due To Pollens, Dust Mites, Smoke And Hay Fever.

 • Kennel Cough.

 • Cough, Bronchitis, Non-Specific Respiratory Disorders.

 • As Supportive To Antibiotic Therapy In Respiratory Infections.

Bronsyp Syrup

 • Relieves Cough, Bronchitis And Allergic Respiratory Affections.

 • Ensures Smooth And Easy Breathing.

 • Facilitates Easy Expulsion Of Mucus And Suppresses The Excessive And Inappropriate Exhaustive Coughing.

 • Does Not Cause Dryness, Constipation Or Sedation And Has Soothing Effect On Mucosa.

 • Improves Bio-Availability Of Antibiotics For Better Control Of Respiratory Infections And Associated Cough Etc.

Recommended Dose :

 Kittens/ Puppies: 2.5 -3ml (2-3 Times Daily)

Adult Cat / Small Breed Dogs : 5 Ml (2-3 Times Daily)

Medium Breed Dogs : 8 Ml (2-3 Times Daily)

Large Breed Dogs : 10-15 Ml (2-3 Times Daily)

Direction For Use :

To Be Given Orally 2-3 Times Daily Till Complete Recovery